The Pro Cleaning Tips You Need to Be Using in Your Home

Jun 6, 2019

Whether you use a professional home cleaning service like Sandia Green Clean or not, there are always things to be done around your home to keep it looking its best. And while cleaning might not be the funnest activity to do in your spare time, it’s definitely important, especially if you love spending time in your home with your family and friends. In order to make the most of the time you dedicate to cleaning your home, try using these professional cleaning tips. You’ll find that doing things the right way not only saves you time, but it keeps your home looking its best day after day.

Time-Saving Cleaning Tips from the Pros at Sandia Green Clean

Making a few (or all) of these tips daily habits can help keep your home from ever feeling too overwhelming. While none of them take too much time, integrating them into your daily routine can save you loads of time and stress later in the week.

  • Make your bed first thing when you wake up each morning.
  • Hang up all clothes left on the floor or beds each day. Place dirty clothes in laundry hampers or baskets, which can be kept in each room for easy access.
  • Ask your family and guests to take off their shoes when entering your home in order to keep your floors cleaner.
  • Before you go to bed, always make sure all of the dirty dishes in the sink are taken care of.
  • While waiting in the kitchen for water to boil or coffee to brew, empty the dishwasher.
  • Tidy and clean the bathroom while children take a bath (as long as you can still keep an eye on them, of course).
  • Wipe down surfaces in your bathrooms using easy-to-reach wipes after each use.
  • Use a lightweight vacuum regularly to pick up small messes, dirt, dog hair, crumbs, etc.
  • Clean up the kitchen as you cook, wiping down surfaces and putting away tools, appliances, spices, etc.
  • Use blankets on your sofas and chairs to make cleaning spills easy and to prevent major stains.
  • Use designated baskets and bins for children’s toys and ask them to help you clean up after they finish playing or in the evening before bedtime.

Daily Checklist for Tidy Homes

Use this checklist to help make sure each room of your home is cared for during the week. Keeping on top of this list will ensure that no room gets overlooked – and the mess gets out of control. Adapt this list as needed for your home, splitting up tasks between members of your family to help lighten your load.

The Kitchen

  • Clean up debris on the floor using a wet rag
  • Organize your refrigerator, pantry and cupboards – dispose of old or expired food
  • Use an all-natural cleaner to clean work surfaces and tables
  • Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Clean the microwave and top of stove
  • Rinse out the bottom and sides of sink

The Living Room + Bedrooms

  • Tidy rooms by folding blankets, organizing books, arranging pillows
  • Dust surfaces
  • Organize and remove clutter, including paper and mail
  • Run a load of laundry
  • Take out any trash
  • Organize rooms by returning stray items to their proper place
  • Organize shoes, backpacks, clothes, etc.

The Bathrooms

  • Use wipes or a natural cleaner to clean sinks, faucets, and counters
  • Scrub the toilet and wipe the exterior
  • Clean the mirror
  • Rinse tub, removing all bath toys and other items
  • Hang or fold towels – wash any dirty towels

Other Tasks

  • Sweep, vacuum, mop floors
  • Tidy garage and front porch
  • Clean up all toys and stray items outside and in
  • Clean up litter boxes and dog poop
  • Wipe clean all workout equipment
  • Wipe down cell phones, remote controls, and other devices

For some people, finding a few minutes here and there to get tasks done works best. For others, designating an hour or so each day to getting everything done at once is more effective. Find what works best for you and, remember, our professional cleaning teams at Sandia Green Clean are always here to help. Our thorough cleans use only all-natural cleaning products, ensuring that your home is clean and safe for your family and pets.

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