Why Paying a Little More for House Cleaning Makes all the Difference

Aug 15, 2019

According to an article on HomeAdvisor, the average house cleaning service will cost Americans $165 per visit. While that amount can feel like a lot for some families in Albuquerque, the truth is that paying a bit more to have your home cleaned the right way – and regularly – makes all the difference.

Why hire local home cleaning services?

For families, time is everything. And we all know just how time-consuming cleaning your home from top to bottom really is. While the price tag for professional home cleaning might seem like a lot some months, you really do have to stop and ask yourself this:

How much is my time really worth and not spend it house cleaning?

Sure, you can spend three hours cleaning your home so that you and your family can enjoy it. But those same three hours could also be spent spending quality time with your family – going on a hike in the Sandias, spending a morning checking out the penguins at the zoo, or just doing something simple like reading a book together at the local library.

Remember, hours really do add up. And, if you make it a priority, you can get so much time back by simply allowing our teams at Sandia Green Clean to help.

More about house cleaning prices

When comparing prices for professional home cleaning services in Albuquerque, it’s good to consider how much your time is worth. But it’s also super important to consider what you’re paying for, too.

Remember, not all cleaning services in Albuquerque are the same.

At Sandia Green Clean, when you invest your money in having your home cleaned, you’re also investing in:

  • Green cleaning products that are 100% safe for you, your family and the environment
  • Individuals who are being paid a living wage and treated fairly and respectfully
  • A local business that gives back to the community by providing free home cleans to cancer patients at UNMH
  • Outstanding quality service – from our teams who clean your home to our amazing in-office team (Thank you, Claudia!)

To learn more about having your home cleaned by Sandia Green Clean, schedule your FREE estimate by clicking here!

About Sandia Green Clean

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