ESPN Radio Interview: Being Part Of The Solution For The Albuquerque Community

Apr 2, 2020

We have been so fortunate to have the support of our local community during this pandemic. Recently, Brandon Schoen, co-founder of Sandia Green Clean, was interviewed on ESPN Albuquerque 101.7 FM The Team Radio about how our amazing teams are helping to keep Albuquerque homes and offices clean and safe.

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ESPN Radio: Well, let’s get back to Team up for New Mexico with Scott Galletti and Joe O’Neill on ESPN Radio 101.7 The team. If it’s about you, if it’s about New Mexico, we have it here, give Scott and Joe a call. 994-1017, 994-1017. Now here’s Scott Galletti and Joe O’Neill.

Joe O’Neill: Good afternoon. It is Team up for New Mexico, Scott Galletti, I’m Joe O’Neill. And, we will be here until 4 o’clock and then 3 more hours of local and live talk right here on ESPN Radio 101.7 The team with Jim Villanucci and Sam Houser. Right now like we’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks is we’re trying to profile different local businesses that are trudging through like the rest of us during these uncertain times. And joining me now is Brandon Schoen. He is one of the owners of the local business Sandia Green Clean. And before we get started, Brandon, I just want to say everybody around here at the team broadcasting office and there’s only the essential folks that are here, but all of us have a smile on our face today because your crew came in today and did an incredible job of cleaning our office space. So I want to thank you for that Brandon.

Brandon Schoen: Joe, thank you so much. We’re happy to be a part of the community, part of the solution and I’m happy to hear that man. I’m happy to know we’re making a workplace healthy and a safe place to be here and hopefully, and now you guys are actually getting work done, so that’s awesome.

Joe O’Neill: Yes we are. And there’s other, essential businesses that are open and probably could use your help as well. Unlike some folks that have kind of hit a wall, Sandia Green Clean is busier now than ever and you’re here to serve the community in these difficult times, Brandon.

Brandon Schoen: Absolutely Joe! We are stepping sore and there’s a lot of people that are kind of just, you know, either ignoring what’s going on or hoping it’s just going to get better soon. So it’s a lot of our local thing companies have shut their doors. So we are some of the few left standing. We want to know, you know, we are on the front lines helping prevent the spread of this and we’re helping our community serving at the highest level. And anything we can. Like you mentioned going into homes now offices, that’s something, but providing a whole home sanitizing, disinfecting offices now. We’re also partnering with other local companies to bring in and operate. We’re bringing new technology to fog and mist, like a hydrogen peroxide based chemical that will get some facts about any possible contamination as well. So, I mean, we’re really doing what we can to just help, anything in any way possible in the community to bring that extra peace of mind, make sure people know that their homes, our States, their offices can be safe and healthy to work and be again and just not one extra thing. One last, a few some anxiety things we can take off your plate. That’s it. We’re here to help.

Joe O’Neill: Yeah, and you use ecofriendly, EPA approved virus killing cleansers to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces in homes and office spaces. And that came in handy today because it’s been way too long between people have been coming to our office and cleaning up. And again, your crew did a good job and you guys have always risen to the occasion. I know that you work with UNM hospital, cleaning the homes of like immune compromised cancer patients. You guys have done that complimentary, you know, absolutely free. And, and that’s been going on, you know, long before all of this epidemic has come around, Brandon.

Brandon Schoen: Well, it really hasn’t, it’s something, you know, this company, we knew we had a purpose. We knew there was a need to fill. This time it’s really being elevated and we’re seeing a preference set, a much higher level and we’re able to help them. But typically with the UNM cancer patients, you know, they do have compromised immune systems and we’re bringing that same standard of cleaning, a higher level of cleaning that we’re using, the different type their homes, which we’ve been doing that all along. But we’re doing that. And what for our customers, for businesses where it’s not disinfecting and getting out with..

Joe O’Neill: Hey Brandon, real quick, we got just kind of a bad connection. I’m going to, I’m going to have, I’m going to put you on hold. Sam is gonna try and call you back. I want to make sure, you know, people are knowing who you are and who you’re with. So just hang on one second. We’ll give him a call right back. This is team up for New Mexico, Scott Galletti, Joe O’Neill, part of five hours of local broadcasting Monday through Friday. Don’t forget the local stuff that’s still airing on the weekends with the New Mexico motor sports report from 8-9, followed by FM sports Saturday with Fred Holberg and Marty Watts, and then United weekly with their new time slot from 10-11. Again, this is Team up for New Mexico with Joe O’Neill and Scott Galletti. We will be here until four o’clock.

We’re talking to Brandon Schoen. He’s with Sandia Green Clean. They came and did our offices, did an amazing job and they’ll do an amazing job for you. We’ll get Brandon back on the air here shortly. The website for Sandia Green Clean is simply So visit for more information. We’ve got Brandon back on the line. Thanks again Brandon. Appreciate it. You never know what these cell phones. So getting back to you guys is commitment to a you know, the eco-friendly EPA approved virus killing cleaning process. As I saw today, the crew that came in here they’re wearing masks, they’re wearing booties, they’re wearing gloves and that’s what people can expect with all the crews. Right, Brandon?

Brandon Schoen: That’s correct, Joe. So you know, that’s a lot of that, those things that you’re seeing, we’ve done in the past already, but we are specifically doing more precautionary measures. So they’re washing their hands before and you know, in between every single clean sanitizing all their cars, their personal devices, practicing social distancing, things like that. When they get to the office as they’re coming in one team at a time. And really actually in the mornings they’re taking the temperatures as well. There’s paid sick leave if they’re showing any signs of, of illness or anything like that. So we really are, doing our best and trying to elevate, you know, all the things we’re doing to make sure that we’re taking care of the community and their health is most important and concern. So, yeah.

Joe O’Neill: I’m referencing the commercial companies that you are helping but you’re also doing a lot of residential things. And I got a kick out and somebody had told me that you guys, you know, obviously when you go in and do your thing and you’re practicing social distancing a lot of times, the kids and you know, the owners of the homes will step outside while you guys are at work and you bring in like a bubbles and chalk and other things for these kids to do, to entertain them while you guys are doing your work. So you guys are trying to think of everything to help people during these difficult times. is the website. The number is real easy. 404-3071, 404-3071. Again, we had Sandia Green Clean here today and they did an amazing job. So a home or office, right Brand?

Brandon Schoen: Yeah, absolutely. Joe. It used to be just homes, but we are helping everyone now. You have an office and you want that sanitized so you can prevent anyone being exposed. I mean, there has been an outbreak, let us know. We’ll bring in the heavier equipment as well. But yeah, we’re here to do whatever we can do to help. So let us know. It’s a crazy time but it’s also something I believe we’re all going to get through together. This will be over soon, so everyone just sit tight and we’ll be there to help take this off one thing off your plate while you’re waiting for that to happen.

Joe O’Neill: And you guys just to reiterate, cause there’s a lot of really good cleaning companies out there, but, in this time of trying to support New Mexico owned and support local, that’s what you guys are all about. And give us just a little bit more background on, the whole Sandia Green Clean story, Brandon.

Brandon Schoen: Yeah, absolutely. Just so, as I mentioned, I was actually talking to Dave at the station there about three years ago when we first started. And when we started, we knew he had a big purpose, which was helping people get their time back. And that’s always been our mission. But now we’re actually becoming part of the solution here. Now I’m tricky to prevent the spread of this and we’re doing that any way we can. I know everyone’s gonna do their part. We’re just doing what we can and serving community where we can. The difference being, you know, a lot of people are at home right now in quarantine and there is an increased risk and you know, it’s higher congregation areas. So it’s really more important than ever to be disinfecting and sanitizing, just to keep everyone feeling safe and healthy. You know, it was, it started out just cleaning homes and giving people their time back. Now we’re realizing there’s a much deeper purpose to serve the Albuquerque community. It’s not just about making your home look nice, it’s that attention and focus is more making your home and office safe and relieving a lot of that stress and anxiety. Just again, one last thing that our community needs to worry about. So yeah, just want to encourage everyone out there and I’m sure it works. We’re on the front line. We’re keeping our local economy going and we’re in this together.

Joe O’Neill: Okay. All right. Well, the folks at Sandia Green Clean can brighten your day, no pun intended. Brandon, I know that was kind of a goofy little pun there, but we’ll just let people know that they can go to that’s Throw out the number 404-3071, 404-3071. And again, thanks to you and your crew for the job they did today, Brandon and continued success. And I’m sure some of the people that we’re talking to, either residents or businesses, essential business where people are coming into work every day. It’ll certainly, you know, put a smile on their face like it did for us here at ESPN Radio 101.7 The Team. Thanks for your time Brandon. Appreciate the education too and good luck down the road.

Brandon Schoen: Hey Joe, thank you so much for having us, and it’s a privilege and an honor to be helping serve the community in this way. Just know we are being flexible at this time to help as many people and businesses as possible. Reach out, let us know how we can help. And we’re here to serve you guys. Thank you so much.

Joe O’Neill: Thank you again, 404-3071. Thanks so much to Brandon Schoen for joining us here on ESPN radio 101.7 The Team. When we come back, more Scott Galletti coming up and Sam Houser, I’m Joe O’Neill, this is ESPN Radio 101.7 The Team.

Check out the original interview on ESPN Radio 101.7 The Team (Find interview there on line 109 from March 31st.)

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