10 Cool Ways to Easily Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

Nov 17, 2020

We’ve all been home a lot more in 2020, which, of course, has been filled with its ups and downs. One of the biggest benefits to come out of this extra time at home, however, is that homeowners are getting a lot of projects done, including those ones that have been on the to-do list for years. Because we’re spending more time at home, these improvements aren’t just aesthetic, but they’re also clever ways to reinvent spaces in the home that were being underused or that needed to function in multiple ways (like home offices/dining rooms, bedrooms/classrooms, etc.)

And while every room of your home deserves attention and home cleaning, especially when you’re home this much, maybe none should be as important as the laundry room.


Like the kitchen, the laundry room keeps your household running, especially when you have a large family to care for. And, when the laundry room is functional, organized, and a place you actually enjoy being, then the daily chores that are done there are that much more enjoyable. In fact, making the spaces you use in your home spaces you actually enjoy spending time in is a great way to reduce stress levels. (Another big 2020 win we’re all needing right now!)

Refresh Your Home's Laundry Room

So, if you’re looking for some easy ideas to refresh your home’s laundry room, here are ten fun ideas that you can do without a ton of effort or a huge remodeling budget.

  1. Update the lighting with something fun, or even fancy
  2. Add more color pops of color with artwork or wallpaper
  3. Repaint your cabinets and shelves
  4. Add functional storage and organizational accessories
  5. Make your laundry room multi-purpose by adding in space for other hobbies or home needs
  6. For smaller laundry rooms, think of creative ways to conceal washers and dryers, like unique doors and screens
  7. While somewhat pricier than other quick refreshes, finding ways to add natural light, whether through skylights or small windows, is relatively easy and affordable in the world of remodeling
  8. Add a functional top to front-loading machines, like butcher block or stainless steel
  9. Accessorize your laundry room like you would any other room of your home, adding personal touches, plants, etc.
  10. Store laundry essentials in more attractive containers, including baskets, glasses, jars, etc.

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