Sandia Green Clean Launches New and Improved Software System for Better Customer Experience

Jun 20, 2018

As a way to improve our company, we always ask our customers if they have used another cleaning company in the past and what would they improve about their services.  One of the biggest complaints we have heard is that other companies give inconsistent time frames of when they can provide services to their customers.  As such, the cleaning crews would arrive at random times, later than expected, or leave in the middle of a clean for some type of emergency. Rest assured, Sandia Green Clean is working to make sure this type of issue will be minimized so you can have your home cleaned the right way, and on time.

Because we strive to constantly improve the way we do business, we are launching a new software system to better serve you.

We take our customer service very seriously.  Our customers, alongside our employees, are our biggest assets.  With our new software system we can contact you with reminders via text message, phone call, or email to remind you when the team is scheduled to clean your home, when they are on their way, and even when they are finished with your clean!

This New Software System Provides Big Benefits! 

  • Easy reminders to keep you up to date on your cleaning crew’s status
  • Better notes to customize your clean
  • Consistent, high quality results
  • Better scheduling
  • Easy payment and invoicing

Sandia Green Clean is excited to make these updates because, as our customer base grows, we understand the need to accommodate a variety of different types of schedules.  Kids’ schedules, work, pets, and personal lives all make it difficult to find a good time for us to come clean your home. One couple that uses our services both work fulltime, opposite overnight shifts as a police officer and nurse.  They have four kids and two dogs.  Whether it is one of the kids or one of the adults after working all night, someone is always asleep in their household.  This has made it very difficult for this family to find the right time to have their home cleaned on a regular basis. They were looking for a cleaning company that is reliable and is easy to make appointments with.  Our new software system will help this busy family have more flexibility in communicating with their cleaning crew.

We are still working on a more user friendly customer portal, but in the meantime all customers are able to give us feedback, ideas on how to improve our services, and even adjust their schedule to skip a clean or reschedule by using the current customer’s page here >> >


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