Our Favorite No-Need-To-Hide Recycling Bins for Your Home

Aug 4, 2020

With so many more of us staying home now more than ever, recycling should be getting revitalized within your household. Not only does staying home typically equate to more waste (eating out, online shopping, etc.), but, if you don’t have a good recycling system in place, it also means that all that extra waste gets tossed in the garbage.

And that’s definitely no good.

One of the best ways to get yourself and your family recycling more at home is to designate a smart, easy-to-use system, one that’s within easy reach of the rooms that produce the most waste. And while all of these systems will look different from home to home, the one thing they all have in common is recycling bins. After all, you need somewhere to put your recycling!

So much better than recycling bins from your childhood, today there are so many attractive options, ones that you don’t have to hide in the garage or under the sink. And, when your recycling bins are visible (and pretty), odds are that you’ll persuade everyone in your home to start being more conscious about what they toss — and where they put it.


Our 5 Favorite No-Need-To-Hide Recycling Bins for Your Green Home

  1. Stainless Steel 3-Section Bin. Attractive enough to have in your kitchen, this stainless steel design elevates your standard trash can to a more eco-friendly version by offering three different bins for your waste. Color coded on the foot pedals, a quick lesson about which things go where will help everyone in your home recycle more.
  2. Dual Compartment Voice Controlled Bin. Not only does this smart bin look great (the rose gold color is extra pretty), but it opens with voice command, allowing the look to be streamlined and the exterior of the bin to stay neat and tidy. More expensive, yes, the added convenience and good looks make the investment worth it.
  3. Steel Touch Top Multi-Compartment Bin. So stylish it almost looks like a piece of furniture, this attractive recycling and trash bin comes in two different colors (black and white) and features a fingerprint-free matte option.
  4. Totem Touch Top Multi-Compartment Trash and Recycling Bin. Its unique design makes this bin stand out from others. Stacked instead of side-by-side, this option is just as easy to use but takes up less floor space in small kitchens and homes. Look for it in three different colors, graphite, stone, and stainless steel.
  5. Wood Handle Bins. Affordable and attractive, you can purchase these bins in two different colors in order to keep track of your trash and recycling. Or if you already have a great trash can for your home, consider this an easy option for elevating your recycling game.

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