Meet Your “Everyone’s-Getting-Sick” Superhero: Breezy Blue

Nov 9, 2023

While there are lots of “’tis the season” things to be excited about this time of year, one of the things that is definitely not on this list is the rise in cases of — just about everything. From colds and flus, to RSV and Covid, the tally of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers starting to get sick this season is on the rise. Thankfully, as always, there are smart things you can do to keep your home healthy. That includes, of course, having your home cleaned regularly.

But, this season, consider taking your preventative measures up a notch.

We recently partnered with a local tech company, Build with Robots, to bring a new technology into our customers’ homes — a technology that actually disinfects your home from top to bottom, in every single room.

You can read more about that partnership in our press release here.

Seeing the potential that these devices have to help keep New Mexico communities and neighborhoods healthy this time of year, we knew now was the time to make this new service an official addition to our regular cleans.

Want to learn more?

Here’s how our Breezy Blue service works…

Breezy Blue is a high-tech, innovative device that safely disinfects all the rooms in your home in under 10 minutes.

Because of its advanced technology, Breezy Blue does not damage any fabric or carpet.

Breezy Blue is able to reach under and behind everything in your home, including furniture and appliances, so that no germs, bacteria, or viruses can hide, fester, or potentially spread.

Once the Breezy Blue service is complete, you and your family (including your pets) are safe to come home and enjoy life.

During a Breezy Blue service, all animals and family members must be out of the home for the duration of the clean.

Click here to see Breezy Blue in action:

Interested in having your home cleaned and disinfected?

Adding our new Breezy Blue service to your regularly scheduled cleans is easy — just let our team know that you’d like the extra disinfection service. This can be a one-time add on or something that is done in your home every month.

Not a Sandia Green Clean customer?

Let’s change that!

Click here for your free estimate for your home cleaning. Once we have your home on our schedule, we can add our disinfecting Breezy Blue services for your family, too.


Reach out to our office staff or shoot us an email and we’ll be in touch!


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