House Cleaning Hacks: 4 Clean Living Apps You Should Download Today

Aug 20, 2019

While our teams at Sandia Green Clean believe that keeping your home clean is one of the biggest secrets to really enjoying life, we also know that there’s so much more you have to consider when it comes to living a clean lifestyle. Starting with green, eco-friendly (and people-friendly) cleaning products is great, but, when you consider all of the products you purchase and bring into your home, you realize that there’s plenty of areas of your life that you can “clean up”.

Of course, just like your home, perfection is never the goal.

Instead, focusing on doing your best when it comes to “clean living” really makes more of a difference than perfection ever could. After all, smarter everyday decisions – not unattainable perfection – is something everyone can strive for.

Want some help in knowing what’s “clean” and what isn’t?

These three (FREE!) apps are a great resource to have on-hand, especially when you’re out shopping. Again, it’s not about changing your whole lifestyle (or judging yourself or others for the decisions they make). Instead, it’s all about being educated and, when you can, choosing a better, cleaner, healthier alternative for yourself, your family, and the planet.

Our 4 Favorite Clean Living Apps To Help You Clean Your House In A Day

  1. Good On You. The clothes you wear have a big impact on the environment and the communities around the world who are responsible for making them. Unfortunately, “fast fashion” is one of the biggest polluters of our planet. Around the world, the fashion industry struggles when it comes to pollution, waste, animal rights, and human rights. The Good On You app helps you understand how your favorite brands are performing when it comes to all four categories. And, if you discover something you don’t like, it offers brand suggestions that offer similar apparel without any of the negative side effects. The app allows you to favorite your favorite new brands, making it easy to remember where to shop. It also features content about fast fashion and informative articles about why choosing clothes more consciously is so important.


  1. Think Dirty. The Think Dirty app gives you the information you need to make more educated (i.e. safer) decisions when shopping for beauty products. The app’s best feature is its ability to scan products you’re considering buying or that you already use so that you can better understand the ingredients. The more you use the app the more you’ll start to learn which ingredients (and brands) you should really avoid. While the beauty industry remains shockingly unregulated in the United States, this app will help you navigate the thousands of brands available for you and your family.

More Apps To Keep Your House Clean

  1. Dirty Dozen. A super simple app to keep on your phone, the Dirty Dozen gives you a cheat sheet when it’s time to go grocery shopping. By knowing which fruits and vegetables are most likely to contain high amounts of chemicals and pesticides, you can choose to opt for the organic option or skip the item altogether.
  2. Good Guide. Offering information on a wide range of products, including personal care, household, and baby items, the Good Guide app has currently rated over 75,000 products, giving you an idea about how safe the products you use (or want to use) are. The app also allows users to post reviews, making it a great place to visit when you’re comparison shopping, too.

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