Giving Back: Cleaning to Care for the Albuquerque Community

Feb 6, 2018

When we started Sandia Green Clean, the goal was to help our neighbors claim their weekends by helping them care for their home so that they could have more time to enjoy it. By creating a quality local service that uses eco-friendly and safe non-toxic products, as well as ensuring our employees are paid a working wage for their hard work, we have been helping local families since June 2017.

Not even a year in, we have discovered that cleaning is so much more than a clean home. When we clean, we’re giving people a refuge, a place where they can relax, take care of themselves, and enjoy being with the people they love most.

This realization, and our desire to continuing to find ways to give back to the Albuquerque community, compelled us to create our give-back program, Cleaning to Care, a partnership with the UNM Cancer Center to help patients in need care for their homes when they’re receiving treatment.

Almost all of you reading this, including ourselves, personally know someone who has battled cancer. The treatments they receive are oftentimes debilitating, forcing them to stay home while being unable to care for it themselves. Our Cleaning to Care initiative is designed to help, allowing cancer patients to rest, relax, and recover, knowing that their home is clean and cared for.

Each one of our highly skilled and friendly teams takes on about three different patients from UNM Cancer’s Center each month. Their homes are cleaned at no cost for three months, giving them the time they need to hopefully get back on their feet.

And, just recently, we’ve expanded this initiative, inviting community members to nominate people in need of home cleaning services. Whether they have just had a baby, are a single parent, or are someone who just deserves or needs a little help around the home, they can be chosen to be a recipient of free cleans through Cleaning to Care. (For more information about how to nominate, click here:

Our goal for Cleaning to Care is to be able to serve fifty cancer patients every month. In order to do that, we will need to have 1,000 customers. And, thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve had from local families and neighbors using our services, this target is completely possible to achieve within the next year.

We’ve been able to share our story with major media like ESPN and even recieved thousands of comments and positive response from our friends on Reddit.

Sandia Green Clean is proof that you can run a service-based company that generates goodwill for the community by respecting its employees, valuing its customers and being conscious of our planet.

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