Feng Shui Says Your Home Needs These 6 Flowers: Here’s Why…

Apr 7, 2021

According to the art and practice of feng shui, adding fresh flowers to your home is one of the best way to promote healing, positive energy. While fresh flowers are typically the best choice for harnessing the powerful energy of florals and increasing the chi in your home, you can also get similar benefits with beautiful silk flowers and art.

1. Peony. Peonies smell amazing, which makes bringing fresh blooms into your home extra wonderful. Known for “curing” love and romance, peonies enhance beauty and bring abundance in the form of love and fruitful relationships.

2. Cherry Blossoms. A powerful reminder of spring, cherry blossoms (as well as most blossoming branches), help to bring in the energy of new beginnings. This sense of a “fresh start” is great for marriages, businesses, and overall health and well-being.

3. Lotus. A symbol for “ultimate perfection”, the lotus is used in traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of ailments. Bringing lotuses into your home (even in picture form) can help create a harmonious home for yourself and your family.

4. Orchid. Orchids are known if feng shui to symbolize fertility, but they’re also associated with abundance, beauty, and spiritual growth. Having several in your home is a great way to attract positive energy.

5. Chrysanthemum. When chrysanthemums are brought into your home, you’re helping to create more balance in your life. In feng shui, the chrysanthemum is also thought to bring you and your family good luck.

6. Narcissus. The white narcissus in particular is used in feng shui to enhance a person’s talents and abilities, making them more successful in their professional life. If you’re looking for a raise at work or more money related to the work you do, then adding white narcissus to your home is a good idea according to feng shui.

Do you use feng shui tips and advice in your home here in Albuquerque? If you do, comment below! We love to learn about this traditional practice!

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