Clean that kitchen! You’ll thank us later.

Mar 21, 2018

Believe it or not, it’s a big deal.  As a central part of the home, your kitchen is lived-in constantly whether by you, your family, or guests. It’s no surprise not a single one of you enjoys when it’s covered in gunk.

The greasy counter top, crumb infested floor, tomato sauce splattered on the side of the fridge, and of course the mountain of dishes you said you would start on yesterday. It’s gone too far and something has to be done. [Game face] Time to put on those rubber gloves and get to it!

We can all agree it’s remarkably easier to pick up after one meal than a whole week’s worth. 10 minutes a day keeps the doctor away, literally.

Save your arms, regain your sanity, and enjoy the numerous benefits of maintaining a tidy kitchen.

Prevent Foodborne Illness

This one is HUGE.

Immediately wash your cutting board and sanitize the counter top after handling raw meat.

Limit the use of harmful cleaning agents

When the mess is smaller so is the amount of “409” you need. The fewer chemicals you inhale, the better.

Keep pests away

This goes for insects and small critters.

Sweeping up crumbs from the floor encourages these guys to go elsewhere. Don’t forget underneath the toaster!

Efficiency and Ease

Take a sigh of relief.

You have a clear canvas with no obstructions. The kitchen is your oyster!

You’ve reached the end of your week and the counter has remained free of grime, you no longer cringe when your bare feet hit the floor, and there’s not a dirty dish in site. Bravo!

Pour a glass of wine and que the music!

Are you thanking us yet?

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