The 5 Best Green Companies in Albuquerque Offering House Cleaning Services & More

Sep 18, 2019

Because we care about the Albuquerque community, Sandia Green Clean is committed to only using the safest, most eco-friendly cleaning products possible. These products, which are even more effective than the ones loaded with harmful chemicals, not only keep our teams safe when they clean your home, but they also ensure the safety of our community by reducing the amount of chemicals put into our environment. And, because your home is your family’s environment, these green cleaning products help to keep you and your loved ones safe too.

As parents, we know your kids are bound to eat things off the floor from time to time. And, when they do, you shouldn’t have to worry about them consuming anything harmful because your home has just been cleaned.

At Sandia Green Clean, we take the word “clean” seriously, which is why you can trust us to do our part to help keep Albuquerque healthy and green (or, at least, as green as possible for the desert!)

Below we’ve made a list of five of the coolest green companies in Albuquerque so that you can support them when you need their help. (And, yes, we’re on the list!)

The Green Clean Companies in Albuquerque

  1. Sandia Green Clean. A family-owned local business, Sandia Green Clean is the leading green cleaning business in Albuquerque. By using only 100% safe, eco-friendly products, Sandia Green Clean ensures that your home is clean in every sense of the word. Not only is Sandia Green Clean the safest way to have your home professionally cleaned, but it’s also the most trusted. The company goes above and beyond to take care of its customers and its employees, offering exceptional customer service and a living wage for all of its team members. Sandia Green Clean is also an official partner with UNMH, providing dozens of free cleans to cancer patients every month.
  2. ChemDry of New Mexico. Chem-Dry has been cleaning carpets in Albuquerque for the last forty years and have a reputation for being one of the best. Their unique cleaning method allows for a deeper clean while still using green and eco-friendly products that don’t contain any harsh soaps or chemicals. By having the carpets in your home cleaned professionally, you can remove almost 100% of common allergens and almost 90% of bacteria from the air in your house.

We Offer Only The Best & Safest House Cleaning Services

  1. Sunshine Window Cleaning. Offering window cleaning services for residential homes and commercial buildings, Sunshine Window Cleaning ensures that all of its cleaning products are environmentally safe and 100% safe for your pets, plants, and home. The teams go above and beyond to keep your home looking its best while cleaning, wearing shoe booty covers while indoors and taking care of all plants and landscaping outdoors.

  1. Ray’s Flooring. Ray’s Flooring has been a staple in Albuquerque since the 1970s. The local experts in flooring, Ray’s offers green and sustainable flooring options that provide outstanding quality while minimizing their environmental impact. Super knowledgeable, the team of specialists at Ray’s can help you answer any questions you might have about which flooring options are the safest and most eco-friendly. Another thing to love about Ray’s? They are proud to have a recycling program and xeriscape at their office, too.
  1. Focus Ink. Dedicated to earth-friendly printing, Focus Ink does everything, from union printing services and screen printing, to signs and banners. In business in Albuquerque since 1989, Focus Ink uses earth-friendly processes in all of their printing services and has also been certified green by the Albuquerque Water Authority.

About Sandia Green Clean

As native New Mexicans, the owners and the whole Sandia Green Clean team are dedicated to partnering with other local businesses so that Albuquerque continues to grow into a place we all love to call home. Learn more about Sandia Green Clean at

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