6 Herbs to Plant to Help Your Home Feel More Like Spring

Mar 31, 2023

With springtime weather still being fickle here in New Mexico, it’s easy to grow impatient. While you wait for forecasts to get in sync with calendar dates, why not try planting one (or all) of these herbs at your home?

Not only will the pop of green on newly emerging sprouts make you feel like spring is actually here, but finding something to do while you wait for spring to firmly plant her feet will make time go by a little bit faster.

Here are the 6 most functional and fun herbs to plant right now – and what to do with them once they’re ready to harvest.

1. Lavender. Los Poblanos isn’t the only place in town that can grow lavender… Known for its calming and balancing effect on nervous systems, lavender can also be used in baking and in drinks (like a simple lavender lemonade.) You’ll want to wait until the flowers are fully open before harvesting.

2. Rosemary. An OG nootropic (brain booster), rosemary grows well in New Mexico’s hot and dry climate. While most of us think of using rosemary in the kitchen, try putting a few sprigs in your next bath for some extra spa vibes.

3. Rose Geranium. An astringent like witch hazel, rose geranium is great for your skin. Use the leaves to infuse your favorite sparkling water for a refreshing make-my-skin-glow elixir.

4. Lemon Balm. Technically a member of the mint family (which means it has the potential to grow like a weed), lemon balm’s leaves are known for their mood-boosting benefits – they’re packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, too. When your lemon balm leaves are ready to harvest, place a handful in the bottom of a mason jar and fill with hot water. Let the leaves soak overnight before drinking the next day.

5. Oregano. A traditional garden herb, oregano is antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial – especially the oil. When you harvest the oregano leaves, remember that you can use them to treat cuts and scrapes – just put them right on the skin. (Bees love the flowers, too!)

6. Peppermint. To keep your peppermint growing well, you’ll have to keep the soil moist. For a post-meal tea to soothe acid reflux, tummy troubles, and headaches, place a few leaves in a tea cup and steep in hot water.

Which herbs are you planning to plant this weekend?

We fully approve of gardening as an official #claimyourweekend pastime!

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