5 (New-ish) Reasons to Crush on ABQ’s Food Scene

Mar 14, 2023

Albuquerque is a foodie town. Even if you don’t realize it (yet), you’ll miss the food as soon as you leave. Not only is it unique, but the people making it behind the scenes are passionate about what they do – something that not every city can boast about.

In case you didn’t know, 505 pride runs deep.

This week we’ve collected some of our favorite foodie spots in ABQ that deserve the spotlight. From new scenes to can’t-beat menus, this top 5 list will help you rediscover just how special Albuquerque’s restaurants are.


5 New-ish Foodie Spots to Enjoy in Albuquerque This Weekend

1. 505 Central: A downtown food hall that is as beautiful as it is a food-lover’s paradise, 505 Central offers 9 unique vendors to ensure everyone gets a taste of what they crave. Featuring spicy chicken sandwiches, gourmet burgers, microbrews, cocktails, tacos, traditional New Mexican dishes, Detroit-style pizza, ramen, and coffee, 505 Central doesn’t disappoint. Bonus: Stackt Sandwich Co is joining the lineup shortly and, if you didn’t already know, you can grab liquor to go there, too (plus brats!)

2. Papa Cano’s: A wood-fired pizza truck that lives up to its hype, you can find Papa Cano’s popping up at some of your favorite local hangouts, like Marble Brewery and Ex Novo. Follow their Instagram to stay updated about where they’ll be showing up next. (Highly recommend the ABQ-BBQ pizza!)

3. Little Madrid: One of the newest additions to Sawmill Market, Little Madrid is, as you guessed, a Spanish-centric restaurant featuring an awesome selection of Spanish wines, tapas, and house specialties, like Basque Cheesecake. Check out their Paella to see New Mexican fusion food done right.

4. La Fonda del Bosque: New? No. But La Fonda del Bosque, located at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, has a lot of new things going on – and it’s well worth revisiting. Open for lunch Tuesday through Friday and for dinner on Friday nights, La Fonda del Bosque features a unique menu with dishes like Lavender Salmon and Coffee Tofu Steak.

5. Carrie’s Restaurant: Located in the Clyde Hotel in downtown Albuquerque, Carrie’s serves breakfast and lunch with an intention of bringing back “culinary glamor.” While the goal of Carrie’s is to help you slow down and relax, those who need a quick bite don’t have to miss out – check out Carrie’s Mercantile menu for food that can be ordered to-go via your phone. (New Mexico Panini for lunch, anyone?)

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