We’re One of New Mexico’s Fastest Growing Companies – Thank You!

Nov 16, 2022

As a small local business, we’re always thrilled to win awards – especially when we’re up against so many awesome companies here in the state of New Mexico! Recently we were given the award of being one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the state by Albuquerque Business First.

And we just wanted to say THANK YOU!

We’re big believers in the power of community and we know that the reason our business is so successful is because of all of the amazing people who are behind it: our employees and our customers.

When we started Sandia Green Clean back in 2017 we knew we wanted to do something big. We wanted to be the solution for families and busy neighbors and friends who wanted to keep their home clean and healthy. We wanted to be the cleaning company the community could trust.

Trust in their homes.

Trust in the quality of products we use.

Trust that we treat our employees the way they deserve.

We work towards these goals every single day. And while there’s always room for growth and improvement, the fact that we’re one of the fastest growing companies in the state must mean that we’re doing something right.

We’re so appreciative of you and your support! Thank you for seeing our vision and for making our community a better place.

Everything good starts in the home – and we’re grateful to be a part of yours.

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