Tackling Kids’ Toys at Home

Mar 24, 2019

When you have kids, it’s easy to feel like your life revolves around them. (Well, because it does.) And, as much as you love them, there are some things you might not love about sharing your home with little humans, including their toys.

In fact, toys happen to be one of the biggest pain points in our customers’ homes. Not only do they cause clutter, but it can feel impossible to keep them organized.

As parents ourselves, there are a few things we’ve learned about managing children’s toys in our homes. First, the more attractive the toys are, the less we worry about them being out. Buying wood toys, for example, can help them integrate into your home in a more appealing way.

We also do our best to organize the toys into specific bins and baskets. This way, everyone knows where everything should go, making clean up that much more effective.

As part of the Albuquerque Mom’s Blog series we’re sponsoring for spring, there’s another great article you can read about “The Sunday Box”, a “toy cleanup game changer”. We love how simple and effective this idea is!

Read more about it here!

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