Staying Healthy This Cold and Flu Including Home Cleaning

Jan 22, 2020

With flu and cold season in full-swing, we would all do almost anything to stay healthy this season. But, as parents with young kids going to school, it can seem impossible to keep all germs at bay. So, give up all hope and take as much Vitamin C as possible? Absolutely not.

While it is nearly impossible to keep your home 100% germ free 100% of the time, it is possible to stop germs from spreading and new bacteria from growing. And, one of the best ways to do that is, of course, cleaning your home regularly. By wiping down surfaces, especially those in the kitchen and bathroom, you can quickly disinfect your home, helping your family stay healthy through the rest of the winter. And, if you use all-natural products like we do at Sandia Green Clean, cleaning your home is even better for you and your family.

Here are our five best tips for staying healthy in Albuquerque during this year’s cold and flu season…

1. Disinfect Shared Items. You absolutely don’t need to bleach every surface of your home — and you really shouldn’t. Instead, focus on cleaning the items in your home that are shared the most, like phones, remote controls, faucet handles, refrigerator doors, etc.

2. Wash Your Sheets Regularly. Bedsheets and pillow cases get dirty quickly during cold and flu season. By increasing the frequency you wash and change them (at least once a week), you can dramatically cut back on the amount of germs and bacteria in your home.


3. Change Your Clothes. Make it a family policy to change clothes when you get home, whether from work, school, or a play date at a friend’s house. Doing this can help stop viruses in their tracks.

4. Wash Your Hands — A Lot. We all know it’s important to wash our hands regularly to keep from getting sick, but most of us still don’t do it enough. This time of year, every time you pass a sink, it’s not a bad idea to use it to clean your hands. And if you have young kids in your home, make sure you take the time to help them wash their hands so that you know the job is (really) getting done.

5. Stay Hydrated And Well-Rested. When your body is dehydrated or tired (or both), it’s much more susceptible to getting sick. Do your best to drink water and tea regularly throughout the day and make it a priority to get enough sleep.


And, of course, having your home professionally cleaned by our teams at Sandia Green Clean is just another way to help cut down on germs and bacteria in your home! Schedule your free estimate with us today and let us help you escape this sick season as unscathed as possible!

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