The More Time You Have, The Happier You Are

Aug 30, 2017

According to a recent report done by BBC News the best way to spend your money is on things that let you free your time because it is directly correlated to how happy you are.

In a study, people who spent money on things that let them have more time, such as paying to have chores done around your house or to have your home cleaned, were happier than those who used the same amount of money on something material.

Remember, by prioritizing time over money – rather than money over time, you will rediscover how much fun life can be.


Because one of the major reasons people experience anxiety, or even things like insomnia, is because they worry about how much time they have. In a world where there is very little down time, even small things we can do to find more time to relax have major benefits on our health.

Unfortunately, most people find it difficult delegating these daily or weekly time-consuming tasks, reporting that they feel “guilty” for having others do it or that it’s simply something they “should” be doing. Today’s culture has mistakingly valued stress as a sign of success. People feel like the more they take responsibility for, the more successful or the better person they are.


When in fact, this need to do everything is one of the leading contributors to rampant levels of stress, anxiety, and poor health.

According to the psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, people “who spend money to buy themselves more free time are happier – that is they have higher life satisfaction.”

Time famine, as it’s being called today, is a serious issue that is taking hold of major industrialized countries around the world. More and more people are reporting that they simply don’t feel like there is enough time to get everything they need to done, let alone take care of themselves or have any fun.

Consumerism teaches us to spend money on things, like new clothes and toys, but in reality what we should be spending money on are services, like home cleaning, that allow us to get our time back.


While it can feel hard at first to let go of some of these chores we’ve been taught we must do, doing so is an effective way to not only feel happier, but to be more satisfied with your life in general.

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