Keeping Your Home Clean with Kids + 4 Tips Every Parent Should Know

Feb 24, 2021

Keeping your house clean never is an easy task. Even if you live alone it can feel like things start to pile up — including dust and dishes. But, add kids to the mix and suddenly keeping anything clean in your home can feel insurmountable, like climbing a never-ending hill or picking up your kids’ toys during playtime.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep your home clean and tidy, even with multiple kids in your house all day long!

The trick is, first, remembering that nothing is ever going to be perfect. And, second, doing a little bit every single day whenever you have a chance. While you might wish you had several hours (or even just an hour) to set aside for cleaning, you really can get a lot done in spare minutes here and there.

Waiting for water to boil? Put dishes in the dishwasher.

Putting away laundry? Make the beds first.

Cleaning off the table for dinner? Tidy up and wipe down other surfaces in your home, too.

And, once the kids are in bed, spend a few minutes putting stray things away, like toys in the living room and dishes that haven’t found their way to the sink. This helps you feel less overwhelmed when you wake up!

Here are a few other handy tips for keeping your home clean with kids…

1. Get them involved!! One of the funnest ways to get kids involved with cleaning is to set a timer. Give them five or ten minutes to get things picked up and when the timer goes off do an “inspection” of their work. Surprisingly, kids think this is a lot of fun! (And you’ll love it too when you see how much better your home looks!)

2. Always be specific with what you want done. Even though “clean up the living room” might seem clear to you, your kids aren’t going to always understand what that means. Give them specific tasks, one at a time, and they’ll be able to help you so much more.

3. Use pretty things to organize toys and kids stuff. Rather than using kids toy boxes and plastic containers to store your kids’ items, use pretty pieces of furniture instead! Keeping all of your kids’ items in a vintage credenza, woven baskets with lids, and classic dresser drawers gives your home a more polished look. And, when it’s time to clean up, you can be more haphazard putting toys and items away — your house will still look great!

4. Put cleaning essentials in an easy-to-access place. If you want your kids to help you clean, organize all of your supplies in one place (like a cleaning caddy) so that they know where to find the items they need to help. Spend time teaching your kids how to clean things in your home the right way and they’ll eventually be able to do it on their own!

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