Important Update to All Sandia Green Clean Customers

Nov 15, 2020

Hello to our SGC family!

We want to thank you for your continued support during the ongoing COVID pandemic. I’m sure we would all like it to be over, but it is a continued issue for all of us.

Since the pandemic hit in March, Sandia Green Clean has gone above and beyond to keep our customers and employees safe. In fact, we started using masks and screening employees long before there were government guidelines for those practices.

Because of these new safety precautions, however, we will be instituting a temporary “COVID Safe Practices Fee” of $14 each month that will be effective November 16th, 2020. Please keep in mind that we haven’t done a price adjustment since early 2018, and we have resisted changes caused by the pandemic for as long as possible.

This Covid Safe Practices Fee will be applied evenly across our customer base, which means it will look like:
  • $14 per cleaning for monthly services

  • $7 per cleaning for bi-weekly services

  • $3.50 per cleaning for weekly services

As soon as we are able to remove this fee we will. Ideally that timing will be clear, as in the form of the mask mandate being removed, businesses being allowed to operate at full capacity, schools being allowed to re-open, etc.

Since March of 2020 we have instituted a variety of safety precautions which we continue to use in our daily operations. These precautions are what the small additional fee will help us cover in order to continue to keep you, your families, and our employees safe:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
    – Gloves (have tripled in cost over the last 6 months)
    – Masks (both custom made fabric and disposable options)
  • Increased product usage
    – Using more sanitizer to clean equipment thoroughly between jobs
    – Hand sanitizing stations in the office and cars
    – Increased laundry detergent usage for sanitizing microfiber
  • Employee screening devices
    – Contactless thermometers
    – Pulse oximeters
  • Sick pay
    – The CARES act covers sick pay if an employee tests positive, but SGC has been paying sick pay to any employee that wasn’t feeling well or didn’t pass screening tests
    – This has been particularly hard while waiting for test results from the state for potential COVID cases
  • Lab testing fees
    – Because of the delay with the state testing in delivering negative results, we set up an account with a private laboratory that offers same-day results for antigen testing, and 72 hour turnaround time for PCR testing

We hope you understand our need to continue to ensure the safety of our community and that these extenuating circumstances won’t last too much longer. Again, we so appreciate your support and your commitment to keeping your home a healthy, safe place for you and your family to enjoy.


Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen, Owners

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