How to Stay Calm During Chaos Besides Having Green Clean Homes

Aug 27, 2019

While we’re big believers in the power of a clean home, we know that even when your home is ultra tidy and looking its best after hiring professional house cleaning services, you can still feel uneasy – especially when you have kids. Chaos strikes no matter how great things are looking on the outside, and that’s something to always keep in mind. Even though your floors are clean, will it really stop your four-year-old from screaming because her water’s too wet?

At Sandia Green Clean, we’re here to help you create a clean backdrop for your life to take place. And, while we hope that helps you and your family enjoy your home and your time, you’re bound to have moments that are still chaotic and stressful.

Here’s some quick advice about staying calm during chaos that might help…

  • Have a Big Glass of Water. Research has proven that you don’t think clearly when you’re dehydrated, so taking a moment to enjoy a tall glass of water really can help you feel better and more calm. As a bonus, removing yourself from the situation in order to go get a glass of water prevents you from losing your cool, especially with your kids.

  • Focus on Your Breathing. Even though we’re constantly doing it, we rarely take the time to stop and notice how we’re breathing. When you get stressed from the chaos and untidiness of your home, your breathing becomes short and shallow. You can counter this by mindfully tuning in to your breath, focusing on taking longer, deeper breaths. As you breathe in, focus on filling both your lungs and your belly. As you exhale, empty your belly first and then your lungs. Even a few rounds of deep breaths can have you feeling better.

Clean homes can help! What else?

  • Get Outside. Nature has a wonderful way of putting things in perspective. When you can, take yourself outside at the first signs of stress, whether it’s for a twenty-minute walk or just to quickly water a plant. If you’re stuck indoors, move your attention to something outside, examining a tree or a plant in order to help bring you back to the present moment. While stress tends to happen in either the future or the past, chaos happens in the moment. So, if you find yourself in the midst of it, do your best to actually go outside or, even better, take your whole crew with you to help change everyone’s perspective.

Wishing your home wasn’t one of the things you stress about? Give our local team at Sandia Green Clean a call today and schedule your free estimate! (Believe us, even chaos feels less chaotic when your home is clean!)

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