Growing Together: Albuquerque Update

Mar 27, 2020

Hello Albuquerque Community!

As of today, Sandia Green Clean is actually GROWING. Not only are we hiring more teams, but we’re seeing an increased demand from our customers.

And that’s awesome!

While some of the other cleaning companies in town have chosen to shut their doors, we’ve been able to keep ours open, continuing to provide an essential service to residents all around the Albuquerque community.

Keeping your homes clean and sanitized is more important than ever! This is part of the solution to slowing and stopping the spread in our city.

In order to keep you, your families, and our teams safe, we are:

  • Practicing safe social distancing in your home and in our office. Teams work in separate rooms throughout your house and only one team of three is allowed into our office at one time.
  • Sanitizing all of the tools we use in your home before and after each clean. This also includes the interior of each car and any personal items, such as phones.
  • Wearing gloves, masks, and booties in every home. The gloves and booties are thrown away after each clean to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Washing our hands before and after every single clean.
  • Taking each team members’ temperature before and after they work. All team members are given paid sick leave if they aren’t feeling well or have a fever. (So far, none of our employees have.)
  • Continuing to use designated towels and cloths for your home. These cloths are color-coded and only used for your home only.
  • Continuing to use a virus-killing, eco-friendly sanitizer and disinfectant throughout your home. In addition to our other services, we sanitize and clean all of the surfaces in your home.

We are so grateful for your continued to support. Because of you, we’re able to keep our fantastic teams employed throughout this difficult time. We KNOW this won’t last forever. Together, we’re all get through this and come out even stronger on the other side.

We’re in this together!

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