5 Tips for Cleaning Your Home When Someone Is Sick

Feb 16, 2021

If someone in your home gets sick, it’s important to clean your home to help prevent other people from getting sick too. And while our teams at Sandia Green Clean will get to every surface of your home, we know you don’t want to always wait until we arrive.

If you’re wanting to clean your home right now to help keep everyone healthy, here are a few tips to help…

1. As much as you want to pour bleach and disinfectants on every surface, it’s important to refrain from using chemicals as much as possible. There are great natural solutions that are just as effective and they won’t put you or any of your family members at risk. Try cleaning products that contain alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or essential oils instead of harsh chemicals.

2. Use hot water when cleaning. Just like you need hot water to clean your dishes, you want hot water when cleaning surfaces in your home, too.

3. Be sure not to use the same towels on different surfaces around your home. Designate certain towels for certain areas and then discard and clean after you’re done. You can also use paper towels for one time use to make sure that no cross-contamination takes place.

4. Wash the bed linens in your home as much as possible, and throw in any washable sofa covers or pillow cases, too. Instead of putting dirty linens in a laundry basket, take them straight to the washing machine so that they don’t contaminate other clothes or surfaces.

5. Think about all of the surfaces that are touched the most in your home and be sure to clean them regularly. These include things like doorknobs, remote controls, faucets, toilets, phones, electronics, and trash can lids.

We hope everyone is staying healthy and happy in their homes right now! (And, remember, getting outside when you can is essential!)

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