3 Ways to Make Your At-Home Drinking Water Better

Jul 7, 2020

Among the many amazing things we love about living in New Mexico, one of the things we don’t love is our water. Notoriously hard, New Mexico’s water can definitely benefit from a bit of a refresh — and so can you, especially if you and your family drink water from the tap.

Here are a few ways you can make sure the water you’re drinking at home is as clean and fresh as possible:

1. Investigate your pipes. If the pipes in your home are bad, then they’ll impact your water — from how it tastes to the overall quality. One of the best ways to improve the drinking water quality in your home is to check out your home’s pipes, looking for things like discoloration, corrosion, and, of course, leaks. If you do find anything that concerns you or looks abnormal, it’s always best to call in a professional. (DIY-ing with water pipes rarely works out the way you plan.)

2. Look into filtration systems. Water filtration systems are becoming more and more affordable and, in New Mexico, we think they’re well worth the investment. By removing impurities and elevating the taste, these filtration systems quickly pay for themselves. (And you’ll almost always notice yourself and your family drinking more water, too!) There are tons of options to look at when you start shopping for a filtration system. The simplest can be as affordable as $15 for an easy-to-install faucet purifier. More advanced whole-home systems can cost over $1,500, but, again, the upfront investment seems to pay for itself rather quickly.

3. Check out reverse osmosis. Like filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems work to improve the quality and taste of the water that comes out of your faucet. However, how they improve the water is a little different than how most filtration systems operate. Typically installed right at your sink, these systems move the water through a sequence of membranes, removing things like bacteria, sediment, and pollutants. When shopping for one of these systems, consider having the installation done by a pro to save you from potential headaches.

While drinking bottled water or bringing in a water filter station are possible options, neither are as sustainable or convenient as making the water that comes right out of your faucet the best drinking water possible. And, when it’s this hot out, we at Sandia Green Clean suggest that finding ways to enjoy drinking more water is key to staying happy and healthy.

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