25 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean in Your Dishwasher

Mar 17, 2021

While there are loads of things you can’t clean in your dishwasher, including dishes you use regularly (so frustrating!), there are several surprising things that you actually can clean with your dishwasher — and so many of them you’ve probably never even thought of! So, in an effort to speed up your spring cleaning and gift you with some valuable insight from the cleaning world, here are twenty five super cool things you can put in your dishwasher for a fast, efficient clean!

1. Kitchen sponges
2. Shelves and bins from your refrigerator
3. Glass globes from light fixtures
4. Vent grates (as long as they haven’t been painted)
5. Small trash cans
6. Toothbrush holders
7. Shower brushes, loofahs, and poofs
8. Plastic hairbrushes and combs (NO natural bristles or wood handles)
9. Fingernail clippers
10. Bath toys
11. Plastic and rubber kids toys
12. Plastic and rubber pet toys
13. Pet food bowls
14. Pet collars and leashes (NO leather)
15. Soccer shin guards, knee pads, elbow pads, mouth guards
16. Baseball hats
17. Garden tools
18. Flower pots
19. Rubber rain or garden boots
20. Flip flops (NO leather trim)
21. Tools from the garage
22. Keys (NO electronic keys and openers)
23. Hubcaps
24. Rubber floor mats from your car
25. Removable cup holders from your car

Genius, right?

Happy (simple) spring cleaning!

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