Jun 6, 2017

Wow LadyThere is nothing new about the idea of cleaning your home. Even cavemen swept their floors. But there is something new about how we clean your home. Sandia Green Clean is Albuquerque’s newest (and best) professional cleaning company and we’re already turning heads.

Here are ten reasons why we are different than other home cleaning services (and why you should give us a try!)

We Use Safe Products. Sandia Green Clean only uses products that are safe, which means nothing we wouldn’t want near our kids. We clean consciously with products that are both safe and chemical-free.

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We Care About Your Home. We are your neighbors and we want you to be happy. Our mission isn’t to clean as many homes as possible, but to make sure we do the best job possible at every home we clean. Your satisfaction is our goal – each and every time we come into your home.

Cleaning LadyWe Love Our Employees. We feel good about the business we do because of how well we treat our employees. And we want you to feel good about that too. Not only are our professional cleaners paid more than any other cleaning company in Albuquerque, but we value their work and expertise.

Community Sandia Green CleanOur Community Is Important. Sandia Green Clean was founded by two families who live and breathe Albuquerque. As a small, local business, we know it can be tough to compete with large franchises. This is why we collaborate with other local businesses as often as possible. We want Albuquerque to be a place we all love to call home.

We Use Updated Technology. Yes, our website is fully-functioning. You can schedule and change appointments all online. You can add services and take them away – all online. Our customer portal uses the latest apps and technology to make working with us simple.

We Do A (Really) Good Job. Each and every member of our team goes through extensive training, making them over-qualified for any other cleaning service in town. We love impressing our customers with the quality of cleaning we provide. Give us a try and you’ll see what we mean!

We Are New But Backed With Experience. While we are a new company in Albuquerque, we are trained by one of Denver’s most successful cleaning companies. As sister companies, we have the advantage of 15 years of experience and over 200,000 cleans behind us.

Claim your weekendWe Want Your Life To Be Stress-Free. Everything about Sandia Green Clean is designed to help you live a more stress-free life. From scheduling appointments to having more time to spend with your family and enjoying your home, our goal is to make getting your home cleaned simple.

We Are Constantly Learning. We love finding new ways to better serve our customers. We are constantly on the look out for new products, new methods, new systems that can help us give you a better experience. Your feedback is always important to us because it gives us the opportunity to constantly improve.

We Drive Pretty Cars. That pretty green car with the cool topper that just pulled up in front of your house? Yep, that’s us. And we’re here to show you why Sandia Green Clean is Albuquerque’s #1 home cleaning service.

To learn more or to schedule your free custom cleaning estimate, visit us at https://sandiagreenclean.com/claimyourweekend

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